If you are looking for sync licenses for a film, video, advertising campaign or personal video, then you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to music licensing companies. There really are so many out there and many of them good ones. There are companies like Musicbed, which offer highly curated content aimed more at filmmakers than anyone else, and then there are other more budget priced places like Pond5 which curate music to a point, but are essentially a free for all. Pond5 also offer video stock footage, photos, illustrations and sound effects, so they are not music licensing specialists.

So, asking the question “which one is the best?” is really a relative term. Much of the decision will come down to personal preference and budget. Highly curated content is often more expensive, but you can be assured of quality of sound and production, whereas free for all sites might be cheaper for sync licenses, but you will have to sift through mountains of sub par music to find something worthwhile.

In some ways there are too many choices out there (like most things on the internet), leading to information overload and confusion.


Things To Look For in a Music Licensing Website

One thing to make it less of a headache is to use a music licensing site that is uncluttered, a specialist in music licensing and easy to use and navigate. The following points will lead to a much quicker and more pleasant experience when searching for just the right music to license.

  • where-to-find-the-best-music-download-for-filmEasy to navigate
  • Easy on the eye (uncluttered)
  • Lots of tracks and genres to choose from
  • An intuitive and accurate search function
  • A seamless purchasing process
  • Speed of acquiring a music license
  • Great support
  • Quality of music
  • Fair pricing for various licenses
  • The ability to submit a music licensing request

Music is a vital component of many projects, both big or small. You want to find just the right music but you don’t want to spend days searching for it.

I create music specifically for sync licensing purposes, so I’ve used quite a number of music licensing websites for selling. I know what happens behind the scenes and this gives me insight into what would be best from a buyer perspective.


Let Me Introduce You To Songtradr

You may or may not have heard of Songtradr. They are quite new to the scene, having officially launched in March 2016. I recently joined forces with them to sell my music tracks and was immediately impressed with just how simple and easy everything was to do from the back end.

When I upload a track to Songtradr there is a lot of information to input, much of it tagging. They really have set this up in such a way that makes it very easy for buyers. When you a searching for a piece of music that has specific moods, instruments or feel, that is all covered when the artist creates the track in their catalogue.


If I have some music that is dramatic and intense and sounds like it would suit a battle scene in a movie, I input all this information in the tags. This way, if you are searching for music of this nature my track is likely to appear at or near the top of your search results, along with other suitable and similar tracks from other artists.

There is also a “sounds like” feature, which is both input by the artist during the upload process as well as being able to input this in the search feature. If you are after a track that sounds like Michael Jackson, you simply put this in the search field and tracks that artists have labelled as sounding like Michael Jackson will appear.

I really like Songtradr from a seller perspective, and I can only see them going from strength to strength. Songtradr pretty much tick every single box on the list I made above, so for buyers it is a really great site.

I wrote a short review on Songtradr and you can read it here.

If you would like to go on over and check out their website, simply click on the Songtradr logo below and you’ll be taken to their site.