Party Domination


Party DominationTitle: Party Domination

Artist: Mystique Muzik

Genre: EDM – Hardcore Dance

Preview Track On: Songtradr

Tempo: 128 BPM

Key: E



Description and Suited To

PARTY DOMINATION is exactly that, an instrumental dance track that will truly dominate any up tempo party scene or atmosphere. It’s the ultimate night club track, music festival dance tune for DJ’s, or even great for that beach party.

If club style music with an amped up chorus is your scene, then you’re gonna love Party Domination. No dance floor will be empty when this tune is playing. Definitely a feel good and highly motivating track.

Licensing opportunities would be film scenes where there is a night club scene, some sort of upbeat party going on, or even certain fast-paced action sequences. Party Domination would also be great for Zumba instructors, personal trainers and for gyms. It’s a highly motivating and positive dance track.

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Synth bass, synths, pads, bass, piano, sfx, arps, drums, saw, plucks



Fun, motivating, upbeat, happy, excited, energetic, uplifting, positive, cheerful, sexy, passionate, playful, festive, lively, driving, hardcore


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