Many projects require just the right music to finish them off and really bring them to life. Nothing is more true of this fact than the film industry. All films utilise music in the opening and closing credits, for theatrical trailers, and to set tone and mood throughout the movie.

But it’s not just the movie industry that requires music for its projects. Music is everywhere, adding emotion and a third dimension to just about everything we can think of. Advertising has music, corporate presentations will often employ background music, wedding videos, video games, websites and YouTube videos. Music is empowering.

Music licensing and sync licensing is the perfect solution to put that finishing touch to your project, no matter what it is you are working towards or hopeful of achieving. At Mystique Muzik I create music tracks for this very purpose, with a focus on cinematic production music, dance and EDM.

I am adding to my creative portfolio regularly and all my music tracks can be licensed directly through my licensing partner – Songtradr