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Darren Burton - Mystique MuzikI first fell in love with creating music when I was still a teenager. Back then I was heavily into playing electric guitar and writing rock songs. I still love to pick up the guitar and blast away, but that’s more of a hobby these days. Now I prefer to produce production music designed for sync licensing and all forms of music licensing. I create instrumental tracks in a number of genres, including:

  • Electronic
  • EDM
  • Soundtrack
  • Cinematic
  • Production
  • Trailer
  • Ambient
  • Pop

My main musical thrust today is creating Cinematic tracks, Production music and Dance music. My tracks are suitable for:

  • Movie scenes
  • Movie trailers
  • Video games
  • Corporate presentations
  • General videos
  • Advertising media
  • Web promotions

My music can be licensed at Songtradr

Get in touch: info@mystiquemuzik.com

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  1. Christopher Osborne says:

    You definitely have a great site here! I am a musician myself who has an ear for music however music has to have heart!

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