Corporate videos and presentations can be rather lifeless and dour if they are just a series of screenshots, data, written blocks of text with the monotonous tone of the presenter rambling on and on. Just like with movies, documentaries, TV advertisements and many other things in the world, corporate videos can be brought to life with the injection of appropriate music.


Engage Your Audience

The music doesn’t have to take over the video or presentation. It can be in the backdrop for the most part, while coming more into prominence to highlight certain parts and strategic points of the video. Nothing engages emotions better than music, and to really get your corporate message across, you really need to emotionally engage and connect with your viewers and audience. Stats and data and speeches play a part, but music has the innate ability to really engage like nothing else.

Imagine going to a party where there was no music playing at any time. Humdrum to say the least. Or think about sitting through a movie at the cinema that just had dialogue and sound effects but no mood music, or music for the opening and closing credits. Lifeless is one word that comes to mind. Flat and forgettable are two others.

While not everyone enjoys the exact same tastes in music, everyone likes music and music appeals to all people in one form or another. It’s pretty rare that you would ever encounter someone who just doesn’t like music.


Do You Even Need A Voice?

Not all videos have to have a voice over. Some can illustrate the message with a continuous stream of music in the backdrop. I’ve personally seen many effective advertising and corporate videos made this way, and in some cases having no voice at all effectively gets the message across far better than someone speaking to the audience.

Likewise, not all videos will be completely music driven either, but it’s certainly an option; and one that makes the video presentation infinitely more attractive and appealing. At the end of the day the idea is to make it memorable, something to be shared and talked about, and music will go a long way towards achieving that.


Music For Corporate Videos

Now you can’t just grab any piece of music out there and incorporate it into a video. You have to either have permission to use it or purchase a sync license. Another option is to have the music composed for you specifically, which is likely to cost you anyway, so it’s probably just as easy to search for a sync license on a music licensing website.

My personal favourite music sync licensing website is Songtradr. Their site is very easy to use, the search function is ridiculously accurate at finding the tracks with the kind of mood and style you want, and their prices are pretty good.

There is a lot of different music available on Songtradr, so I suggest going to their website for a browse and seeing what you can find. Just click on the Songtradr logo below and check it out.