All the music you hear on TV and in films has either been created or scored specifically for the television program, advertising or for the film soundtrack. The alternative to this – and possibly the most common way to attain appropriate music, is licensing music for TV and film.


What is Music Licensing?

It’s basically just buying the rights to use an existing piece of music within the designated project; in this case a TV show, a TV commercial or a film (feature film, short film, documentary etc.). When you purchase the appropriate sync license, you are not buying the copyright to that piece of music. That remains with the rights holders. You are merely obtaining permission, at a cost, to use that music.


Most projects Need Music

Without the inclusion of music, most visual projects are seriously lacking that emotional element that music provides. Whether it’s music to set a mood, emphasise a scene, or to profoundly get the message across, just about all visual project are made infinitely better with music.

There is loads of great music out there available for licensing; from famous artists through to unknowns who specifically create music for this market. You will never find yourself short of music, no matter what your project. Music of all genres is covered in the sync licensing world, as too are lengths of tracks, and tracks with or without vocals.


Licensing Music Is Easy

The process of licensing music has been made really easy with sites such as Songtradr, a new and innovative music licensing platform that is super easy to use and is loaded with quality music from artists all across the globe. It’s a simple as searching for the desired music you want in the genre of your choice, finding something you like, allocating the type of project you are wanting to use the music for and purchasing the appropriate license.


Listen To My Tracks On Songtradr

I create music tracks specifically for sync licensing in TV, advertising and films, and you can check out my tracks by clicking on the Songtradr logo below.