Imminent - Mystique Muzik


Imminent - Mystique MuzikTitle: Imminent

Artist: Mystique Muzik

Genre: Cinematic Production Music

Preview Track On: Songtradr

Tempo: 120 BPM

Key: D


Description and Suited To

IMMINENT is only short, just over a minute in length, and is designed to work well in advertising and commercials and the time constraints allowed. While it could be well suited to certain forms of advertising, the track definitely has a distinctive cinematic edge and sound that makes it perfect for movie and game soundtracks. At the same time it’s cool and funky, so it could be used in positive environments as well as dark and moody ones.

There is a definite sense of anticipation with Imminent, as if something is on the verge of happening. Hence the title. There could be danger lurking around the corner, some action about to unfold, or this track could simply be used as the backdrop to any sort of presentation or commercial visual project. With sync licensing in mind when the track was created and produced, Imminent builds in intensity towards the climax as most of my music tracks do.

Video games and videos could work well with Imminent as a part of the soundtrack. I believe this track is quite versatile, rather simple in nature, and its short length makes it perfect for many applications. Go on over to Songtradr and have a listen for yourself.



Drums, acoustic guitar, SFX, piano, keys, bass, pads, strings, synths



Contemplative, eerie, dramatic, tense, dark, cool, funky, anticipation, moody


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