While not every project requires “epic” music to really breathe life into it, many films – both long and short – will be in genres that do require more epic and dramatic music. It’s the same with a multitude of video games. First person shooter games are a classic example of really needing powerful and epic music to set the tone of the game and marry with the action sequences.

In this post I will recommend a couple of places where you can license the very best epic music for your projects, whether it be:

  • music-and-the-film-industry-why-movies-need-musicFeature film
  • Short indie film
  • Movie trailer
  • Video game
  • Game trailer
  • Video presentation
  • TV or radio advertisement

This is just a partial list, but some of the more common media where epic music may be required to sync with the visual action or help promote an important message.



Not the most user-friendly website in the music licensing business, but Musicbed do have one of the very best selections of epic-sounding production music. They curate their artists and song tracks well, and many of the contributors to the site specialise in cinematic music on a grand scale. Their prices are pretty reasonable, although not always transparent if you project has a big budget.

One of my favourite production music artists is Generdyn. They license all their catalogue through the guys at Musicbed and you can check out Generdyn’s selection of epic music here.



This is a relatively new music licensing company, having officially launched in March 2016. What I love about Songtradr is how user-friendly their site is. It’s so easy on the eye, glitch-free, simple to navigate and has an awesome selection of epic music perfectly suited to all sorts of projects. They also have a search function that is extremely accurate, saving you time in your search for just the right music for your film, video etc..

Songtradr pricing is also very transparent. When you find a track you want, simply input some details, such as:

  • The type of project
  • The budget of the project
  • Term or duration
  • Territory

The price for the license you need will be displayed and you are ready to make a purchase.