Using music in YouTube videos. Is it legal?

It’s only legal if you either own the rights to the music or actually have permission to use the music in sync with your video.

How do you get this permission?

By either getting in touch with rights holder and asking for permission in writing to use their music for your project, or purchase the appropriate music sync license.

7-occasions-you-will-need-a-music-sync-licenseWhile a lot of music out there is being used illegally on YouTube and other platforms, why take the risk? If you are doing a project – a video – that serves a purpose and is important to you, then it’s in your best interests to get a license to use it. Depending on what kind of video it is and how it is to be used, a sync license for a relevant piece of music might only cost you $25 or so. Certainly saves the headaches of having your video taken off YouTube for copyright violations. Or, worse still, be sued by the person or people who own the rights to the music you are publicly using without their consent and without a music license.

The other alternative is to create the music yourself or have a composer do it for you. These days most music can be put together digitally and there is often no need to even have to pick up a real instrument and play it.

Seriously, though, if you are creating a tutorial type video, a corporate presentation, a how to, an informational piece or really any kind of video for YouTube in which you want to feature music to add that extra element and emotion, then searching for music on one of the popular and many music licensing sites really is the way to go.

There are all types of music available, long and short, with vocals or without. Music of all genres are covered and you are bound to find numerous tracks that will suit your YouTube projects.

Don’t take the risk on using music illegally. Go on over to one of the best music licensing sites around and search for what you want. Songtradr features everything you could possibly need, and you might start off your search by checking out the tracks I have available on there.

See you on Songtradr.