I live for music and love creating various forms of production music, mostly aimed at the sync music licensing market for film, games, videos and other projects that may require music sync licensing. The two main genres I target are Cinematic Production Music and EDM (Electronic Dance Music).


Cinematic Production Music

There is just so much scope for variation of music styles when it comes to cinematic music. Different movies and games with varying scenes can be coupled with all sorts of music. While I can’t really cover all the possibilities, I tend to stick to more intense and dramatic styles of cinematic music, suited to action scenes, or scenes where there is a build up of suspense. I also like to create a more epic, orchestral sound on occasion as well, with my cinematic track Brave New World being a prime example of this.

Cinematic tracks are very creative and exciting to make. As I mentioned there is a lot of leeway to get creative, experiment and try out new ideas. The length of the tracks can vary greatly as well, from tracks less than a minute in length right through to epic lengths if the music calls for it.

I have definitely created a number of tracks that I believe would work well in first person shooter video games, or for battle scenes in a movie. Warlord is a good example. Other tracks would suit any scene where there is action or something about to happen.





My dance music is definitely suited to more than just sync licensing, and many of the tracks would work well in a night club environment or party scene, private party or a big event. In fact, I have created several more chilled and funky dance tracks that sound like they would really go well with a fashion show or some sort of fashion event.

Having said that, my EDMs would definitely slot smoothly into certain movie scenes where there is some sort of party scene taking place. They would even marry well with action sequences, in both cinema and in games. Certain video presentations, whether they be corporate, motivational or otherwise would also work well with my music.

I tend more towards the dance/trance genre of EDM, but I have created some pop tunes and tracks that are a little less “night club”. My EDMs are upbeat, fun and lively, imparting a feeling of energy and motivation.

Any project, scene or event where energising music that is happy, light and fun is required, then my EDMs are for you.


Listen To My Growing Music Catalogue On Songtradr

My catalogue of instrumental EDM and Cinematic music is growing all the time and all of my tracks can be licensed for a variety of projects through the sync music licensing platform – Songtradr. If you would like to hear what I have on offer, simply click on the Songtradr logo below and you will be taken directly though to my complete Songtradr catalogue. I would love it if you would give my tracks a listen for possible inclusion in your projects. If my tracks are not quite what you are looking for, then Songtradr has many great tracks from some awesome artists.