Get a Sync License - Use Music in Your Projects

In order to legally be able to use someone else’s music in a project, you will need a music sync license. Some of the projects where a license will be required are:

  • where-to-license-the-very-best-epic-music-for-your-projectsMovies
  • Short films
  • Documentaries
  • Cinematic trailers
  • Video games
  • Game trailers
  • Corporate videos/presentations
  • Wedding videos
  • Advertising – online/offline
  • Network TV
  • YouTube videos


Get a Sync License – Use Music in Your Projects

Some people may not realise that you can’t just use existing music in the above projects, or any project that will be distributed, sold, or available for public display. Music bought on CD or downloaded from iTunes and other music retail outlets only buys the purchaser the right to listen to the music. It can’t be used for any other purpose.

Music downloaded from user accounts on SoundCloud or other internet sources is copyrighted material (Intellectual Property) and also cannot be used in projects without either written consent from the rights owner, or a music sync license.

Click here for an explanation of music sync licenses.

The music you hear in movies and games for the most part is scored by a composer/producer specifically for the film/game, but often sync licenses of existing music will be purchased for certain scenes, or for the opening and closing credits and movie/game trailer. Those filmmakers producing short films and documentaries will regularly turn to music licensing to source appropriate music for their films.

Many wedding videos have songs playing in them, and these songs are usually licensed from a music library.

If you want to use famous or popular music from a well-known artist, then the licensing process can be long and very expensive. The best way is to use quality music from a music licensing library. You may never have heard of the artist or the track before, but there are literally millions of short and long tracks available for licensing in every genre imaginable. The tracks will either come with vocals or will be instrumentals. Often it is instrumental music that is used in projects, as many projects and scenes don’t call for lyrics.


Give Songtradr a Try

I create both Cinematic Production Music and EDM Music for sync licensing. I make all my music available on Songtradr; one of the best and easiest to use licensing libraries on the internet.

The Songtradr platform is quick and efficient and the licensing process is as simple as finding the track you want and purchasing the appropriate license to use the music in your project. Once you buy the license you can immediately download your chosen music track and put it to work.

There are many fine artists and some fantastic music available on Songtradr, so it’s a platform that is definitely worth checking out. You can listen to my growing catalogue on Songtradr by clicking on their logo below. If you find nothing in my music to suit your project, just search the entire Songtradr database and you’re bound to find something that’s just the right fit.

I look forward to seeing you over on Songtradr. Bets of luck with your projects.