Sight and sound are two of our most intense senses and probably the two that we take the most notice of. Sight and sound are like a harmonious marriage in many ways, and when it comes to the world of entertainment, videos, advertising and the internet, the blending of these two senses creates some very pleasurable experiences.

When movies are created, the producers, writers and others are generally thinking about the story and the visual aspect of the film. The same goes for video games. The initial focus is on the graphics and the gameplay. When someone creates a video of any kind, say a wedding video for example, the foremost focus is filling the video with images and scenes of the special occasion. An advertising company creates a TV commercial for a product and storyboards all the visual aspects of how the commercial will play out.

No matter what the medium, whenever it comes to creating any of these predominantly visual products, without sound, SFX and music, virtually none of these mediums come to life. So, even though the initial focus is visual, it’s almost always married with music to inject emotion into it and to create engagement. Without the accompaniment of music and sound effects, movies, games, advertising, videos etc., would all be pretty dull and boring.

Often music is specifically scored for movies, games and other visual products, but much of the time pre-existing music is sourced to either fill the gaps, or even to be used as the complete soundtrack. This is particularly the case when it comes to shorter mediums such as advertising and videos. People are not likely to hire a composer to create original music for their wedding video, for example.

Music sync licensing comes into its own in these circumstances. There are literally millions of music tracks out there available to be sync licensed. Many of them are instrumentals designed for these markets and specifically for licensing purposes.

The biggest advantage to music licensing as opposed to hiring someone to create the music is convenience; convenience of:

  • Saving time
  • Having choices

Licensing existing music that suits your project is a lot quicker than waiting for someone to create it from scratch. There is also the plethora of choices out their. Music of all genres, lengths, moods and styles is ready and available to use.

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