If you make original music as a solo artist, part of a band or as a bedroom producer, then probably you will be looking for ways to make money from your creativity. There are the usual courses of action, like selling tracks on iTunes, trying to get a record deal, performing live, or maybe even selling downloads of your music on your own website. But if you want to make money with your music online, have you thought about music licensing as an avenue of potential revenue?

I license the music I create and I actually have some friends who are doing really, really well with licensing their music on Musicbed. You can check out their Musicbed catalogue of tunes here.


What is Music Licensing?

For a more detailed explanation, click here. Otherwise, just to explain very briefly, it means someone pays you to license a track to use in a project; such as a film, a game or a video. There are many situations where music licensing can come into play and it really is a growing and rather lucrative industry.

Much of the advertising you hear on the radio and see on TV makes use of licensed music for the soundtrack. Many films and games and corporate videos also take advantage of the plethora of licensed music available on the web today.


It’s Another Option

There are numerous ways to make money from your musical talents, and music licensing is yet another option to monetise your craft. And why not? You don’t want to be the cliché starving artist, do you? I know I certainly don’t. Music is about emotion and passion and creativity, but it can also be about getting paid for your efforts.

For a list of some of the best places to license your music, read my post here.

Some music licensing companies put you through an approval process, while others let anyone upload tracks to their platform. It’s well worth giving it a try.

My favourite music licensing site is Songtradr, and you can check them out simply by clicking on their logo below.


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