If you are looking into licensing music for TV and programming, or perhaps you have an idea for a television show and need to find appropriate music on a budget, then I suggest you check out the ever-growing music catalogue on Songtradr.


Who Is Songtradr?

Songtradr is the fastest growing music licensing platform on the internet today. Having officially launched their retail site in March of 2016, the sync licensing company has continued to experience exponential growth with so many quality artists joining their ranks, and many filmmakers and television networks jumping on board to license music of the highest standard.

Aussie Paul Wiltshire (who now resides in California) heads up Songtradr. He is an award winning record producer who set out with the task in mind of simplifying the music licensing process for both the artist and the buyer. The results are a platform that is extremely easy to use and navigate, with quality music of all genres cleared and available to license instantly for any type of project.

It is so simple and intuitive, completely uncluttered unlike some other competing sites, with a clean interface employing a logical layout.

I joined Songtradr a few months ago as an artist because I was so impressed by the platform, the ease with which I could upload music tracks and tag them with both relevant keywords as well as the moods the tracks embrace.


Better Search Functionality

One of the great things about Songtradr is the accuracy of their search tool. While other music sync licensing platforms deliver a vast array of semi-relevant results, Songtradr’s algorithm really narrows the results down to a close match to what you are looking for.

Better searches and more accurate searches means those looking to purchase sync licenses for their projects will spend way less time on the search for appropriate music, leaving them more time to actually get on with completing the project they are working on; whether it be a TV show, film, video game or an advertising campaign.

Songtradr cover licenses for every project imaginable.


tvThe Prices Are More Realistic

Prices are actually set by the artist/rights holder of the music tracks, and prices will vary from artist to artist. The cheapest you will find a license for on Songtradr is $35. Some artists set their pricing scale dependent on their experience, while others leave it set to “make an offer”. There is also the option to buy the rights to a track so the purchaser then owns the copyright. However, not every artist enables this option.


Licensing Music for TV

If you are looking to license music for television, then Songtradr is hard to pass up. Every genre of music imaginable is available for sync licensing on the platform. If you need vocals, there are plenty of tracks with lyrics. Equally there are loads of music tracks that are purely instrumental, as vocals are often not sought after for many sync licensing purposes. Those artists who upload tracks with vocals will also often make available the instrumental version of the track.

Whether you need music that lasts just 30 seconds or 5 minutes, you will find it on Songtradr. Happy theme music, dramatic music, songs about love and romance, sadness and drama; everything can be found there.

To check out my catalogue and what else is on offer on Songtradr, simply click on their logo below to access their site. It’s well worth a look.