Apps for smartphones, tablets and computers are all the rage these days. It seems apps are taking over the dominance of software programs. But what makes for an awesome app?

Well, this really depends on the kind of app it is and what it is designed for, but there are certain elements that can be applied to most or all types of apps that will help them achieve the status of “awesomeness”.

Let’s look at 7 in this article.


#1 – Make It User Friendly

This should be common sense, but so many apps are anything but user friendly. Sometimes creators get so caught up in their own app that they forget all about the people who are actually going to be buying it, downloading it and using it. Other designers are more “techie” and assume everyone is as technology efficient as they are and make their apps too complex.

Once you think you have your app pretty well on the way, get a few everyday people to test it out for simplicity of use. The feedback you receive and implement in this phase will make your app infinitely more appealing to the general public.


#2 – Will Anyone Want It?

You won’t even be able to give away a free app if it’s just not something anyone will want to use or really serves no popular purpose. Free or paid, the bottom line is you want people to download it, use it and rate it well.

Before going ahead and creating your app ideas, first poll of few of your friends, family and acquaintances to determine if there will actually be a viable market for you app before you put all the work and money into it.


#3 – Make It Look Good

Who wants to use an app that looks terrible?

No one.

Aesthetics may not be the purpose of the app, but making an app look good is essential. Humans are visual creatures and we all like things to look nice. This includes the layout, colours and navigation. Fonts used can also make or break the overall appearance of your app.

Once again seek feedback on the app’s actual design and colour theme before going ahead and finalising it.




#4 – Make a Thumb-Friendly App

Since many users of apps are using them on a smartphone, you want to make your app thumb-friendly. People will regularly hold their phone in one hand and use thumb control to do everything. It’s not an absolutely critical point, but it’s definitely an aspect to keep in mind when designing the layout and inherent functionality of your app.


#5 – Add Social Buttons and Interaction Capabilities

This is really a two fold feature. You have the options to add social share buttons (depending on what your app does) as well as building social functions into app itself. Some extremely successful apps are those that contain social aspects where users of the app have the ability to interact with one another.

So, definitely something to seriously consider if you want to make a really popular app.


#6 – Offer Something a Little Different

This is a real challenge as there are just so many apps out there on the marketplace. It will be hard to come up with a completely new idea, but even if you are essentially rehashing ideas for apps that already exist, it’s still important to make your app unique in some way that sets it apart from the competition and makes it better.


#7 – Add Music to Your App

Not all apps will have the scope to add cool music. For some apps having music playing might just prove annoying to the user. But if you app does suit the inclusion of appropriate music, then definitely consider putting some into it. Music really engages people and could be the very ingredient that not only sets your app apart from the millions of others, but also makes it a success.

Using existing music in an app – as in, music you haven’t created yourself or commissioned a composer to create – will require a music sync license that gives you the legal right to use it in your app.

Licensing music these days is super easy, and one of the very best music licensing websites with stacks of cool music to use in your app is – Songtradr.