This post isn’t going to be about how to locate YouTube videos that contain great music. Rather it is an article about where and how to find YouTube video music to sync with a video you may want to put up on YouTube.

You see, in order to use existing music that doesn’t belong to you on a video uploaded on the web for all the world to see, you will need a sync license to legally be able to use that music track to accompany your video. This doesn’t just apply to YouTube. It applies to all online videos on all platforms. Music licensing is used the world over for all sorts of things, such as:

  • Movie soundtracks and trailers
  • Video games and trailers
  • Advertising
  • Television
  • Public videos

To name just a few instances where a sync license is required to feature music from an artist.


Other Options

You do have alternatives to the music sync licensing idea, and they include:

  1. Creating and composing the music yourself
  2. Hiring a professional composer to do it for you

If you have the tools, the skills and the desire, you could compose a music track for your video, leaving you free to use that music however you see fit. It also gives you the added satisfaction of hearing your very own music playing in sync with the video you created.

When you pay a professional composer to make the music, it’s the same result. They are generally on a “work for hire” basis, meaning the music they create for you ultimately belongs to you, unless agreed otherwise.


Sync Licensing Is a Better Option

With music licensing you have a vast array of ready made music of all genres to choose from. If you want male or female vocals, you can find that. If you are chasing a track that is purely instrumental, then there are loads of these to choose from as well.

You see, it’s not just famous artists who make their music available for licensing. There are many small, independent artists who compose fantastic music, and lots of these artists focus specifically on the music licensing marketplace.

Music sync licensing is huge business the world over, making it easy for anyone with any kind of project to find suitable music to accompany it.

The internet offers many quality websites that specialise in music licensing. These companies take care of all the legalities, making sure music is pre-cleared with rights owners so you are free to make the purchase and put that music to work for you.

License prices vary depending on the licensing site, the artist and the type of sync license required. You get to listen to samples of the tracks first and, in most cases, you are able to download a low quality sample to test it with your YouTube video to see if it really works. If you are satisfied that it goes well, then you purchase the appropriate license and download the high quality music file and you’re good to go.

Finding great YouTube video music is no dramas at all in the modern age. I create music and I like to use music licensing website Songtradr for all sync licensing. You can check out their awesome catalogue by clicking on the logo below.