You’ve been working on your presentation and everything seems to be just right. You’ve worded it carefully, trimmed off the fat, chosen the very best images or video footage and you feel you are ready to present it to an audience, either online or offline.

Not so fast.

How about some appropriate music to accompany the presentation?


Why Use Music in Your Presentations?

music-for-presentationsIt doesn’t matter whether it is a PowerPoint presentation, a video presentation or any other sort of presentation, all presentations are made more powerful and emotive with the inclusion of apt and appropriate music. Online or offline, music will really bring it to life, leading to much more audience engagement as well as making your presentation that much more memorable.

Think about anything you watch, that has visuals, or really anything you’ve had to sit through. How boring is it without sound effects and music. I’m not talking about annoying and intrusive sound effects here, but sounds that fit with the presentation and the information and enhance or emphasise an important point. With music, it can be in the background for the most part, rising in volume to fill in the gaps and lead into the presentation’s next phase.

If you really want to make a presentation of any kind that’s first class, is sharable and will be talked about, then you seriously should consider using music in it.


Where to Get Suitable Music?

If you have the skills you could compose and record the music yourself, making certain that it fits in exactly with your material. Or, alternatively, you may know someone who can help out with the music side of things.

Another option would be to hire the services of a professional composer to score the music along with your completed presentation or video. This will cost a few dollars, but well worth it if it makes your presentation shine.


Music Licensing As a Third Option

If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means licensing existing music so you can legally use it in sync with a presentation, video, film and various other projects. These days licensing music for these purposes is quick and easy, and often doesn’t cost very much.

The internet abounds with music licensing websites that offer up a multitude of cool tunes in every genre of music imaginable. There are tracks both with or without vocals, and they all come in a variety of lengths, moods and tones.

It really is worth including music in your professional presentations as it truly does add so much life and will lead to a more profitable and memorable campaign.

I license music I create on a website called Songtradr. Their search function is highly intuitive and accurate, and the platform has so many great artists and tracks to choose from. To check out the tunes I’ve created, or to search for other appropriate music on the Songtradr platform, just click on their logo below and you will be taken through to their website.

It’s well worth your time to at least take a look.