Both the film industry and the gaming world rely quite heavily on music licensing and sync licensing to obtain suitable music. Music licensing for films and games is big business, and there is a lot of awesome music out there to choose from. Movies and games just aren’t complete without music, but it has to be the right kind of music; songs and scores that really bring the film or video game to life and add another dimension to the action.

Imagine watching a movie that had little or no sound effects and mood music. Likewise playing your favourite game with no sound would be totally boring and pointless. While both gaming and filmmaking are visual mediums, they both need sound just as much as the visual element.

Some music is scored for these two creative mediums by professional composers, but those on a smaller budget often turn to music licensing websites to give their projects the music and sounds they need to truly make them shine.

  • Without sound there is no drama
  • Without sound this is no emotion
  • Without sound there is no tension
  • Without sound there is no life

The list goes on…


Sounds and music are everything when it comes to creating predominantly visual projects. In fact, SFX and music are far more emotive and engaging than the actual onscreen action. Think about it. There are many instances where people listen to music with no visuals or video clip, but how many people would bother to sit through a film, or play a computer game with no music and sound effects attached?

Probably nobody.

Sound is everything. Music makes the film or game. Music is life and music is energy. But above all, music is emotion in all its guises.

These days literally millions of professional and amateur artists create music specifically for the sync licensing marketplace. While not all of it is great, there are loads and loads of fantastic music tracks available for licensing on a plethora of music licensing websites.

Songtradr is one of my favourites to sell my EDM and Cinematic music tracks through and I consider them one of the very best sites for buyers as well.

If you like you can check out my music catalogue on Songtradr. Maybe there is something there that suits your next film or video game? If not, check out the rest of their awesome catalogue and see what you think.