Songtradr is a fairly new music sync licensing company and website. Already they have made some huge inroads into the sync licensing market and they only went live in March of 2016. In this post I’ll be mentioning 5 great reasons to license music with Songtradr, and why you should seriously consider this platform for your music needs.

Just about all projects can be made better with music. It doesn’t matter what the project is, and the best way to find music for them is through sync licensing websites like Songtradr.

  • what-makes-great-cinematic-musicMovies
  • Movie trailers
  • Video games
  • Game trailers
  • Advertising
  • TV commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Apps
  • Television shows

The above list are some of the major projects that both make use of music licensing, and projects where music really brings them to life and engages the audience. After all, your project needs an audience, and an audience that is focused on your message or entertainment.


#1 – Range of Music

Songtradr have been rapidly building a quality catalogue of great artists, composers and producers since their inception. Many of these artists specifically create music designed for cinema and other sync licensing opportunities. There are songs with vocals and plenty of tracks that are instrumental only (often the preferred format for licensing).

Some artists focus on just the one genre, while others are a little more diverse. Whatever the tone or mood is of the music you require, you will definitely find a great selection on the Songtradr platform.


#2 – Accurate Searches

As a busy professional with projects to work on and complete, you don’t want to spend days and days trolling through endless music tracks until you finally happen across something that suits. You need to be able to find music quickly and effortlessly.

That’s where the Songtradr search function is superior to other licensing sites. It has many parameters with which to filter results, giving you a very accurate short list of tracks to listen to and make a decision on. The Songtradr search function really saves you a lot of time and headaches.




#3 – The Layout

This website is just so easy to navigate and find your way around. Some licensing sites are so cluttered in their design, with ads plastered all over the place and things flashing in your eyes, they are a nightmare to use. Not so with Songtradr’s simple but effective and sophisticated web design. It’s extremely easy on the eyes and there is no confusion when working your way through their site. It really is a pleasure to use.


#4 – The Range of Licenses

Songtradr have broken things down into the most commonly needed license types. This makes everything a lot fairer for the purchaser as well as making the searches for songs with the appropriate license so much easier.

The other cool thing is that every song that is live on the website is already cleared for sync licensing with all the rights holders, so there is no waiting around for approval. Just find the song you want, license it and away you go.


#5 – Songtradr License Pricing

Another way Songtradr have made their licensing system superior to others is the fairness with the way they tier their licensing prices. For example, licensing a track for video is cheaper than one used for advertising, and so it should be. While artists get to set their own prices with a sliding scale based on their quality and experience as a musician, all Songtradr prices are very reasonable in the sync licensing world.


The Wrap

Give Songtradr a go. You are bound to find just the right piece of music for your project at a very affordable price. Just click the logo below to check out their site.