I’m sure we are all aware that music can have positive effects on us both mentally and physically. Up tempo music can make us want to dance, which is great exercise. Certain songs that touch us emotionally can make us feel uplifted or help to rid us of negative feelings. Music can even inspire us to greater achievements by motivating us with renewed spirit.


Why Music Is Good For Your Health

For starters music can play a major role in your mood. Not all music will affect your mood all of the time, but for the most part, because music triggers emotions, it will have some influence on how you feel. Music has also been used to help relieve the tension of chronic pain, and has been employed in psychiatric therapy sessions for those undergoing counselling for conditions such as depression.

How does music help with physical pain?

The answer is rather simple. Music affects the central nervous system, therefore certain genres of music that tend to relax the mind will also relax the body by calming the nerves. As nerves relax, they loosen their stranglehold on the pain point, allowing muscles to also relax in the injurious zone.

When it comes to feeling better mentally, we are all familiar with how listening to our favourite song can uplift our mood, filling us with a sense of energy and hope.


Slow, Calm Music Lowers Blood Pressure

As slow and rhythmic music calms the brain and allows our nerves to settle, our heartbeat naturally slows in tune to what we are listening to. This results in a lowering of the blood pressure and this can only be very good for our overall health.

Not only will this be good for those suffering high blood pressure, but the results are the same for general muscle and nervous tension. Listening to this kind of music is beneficial for aches and pains, as well as stress levels.


Music Is All About Emotion

Music makes us feels things. The entire spectrum of emotions can be influenced by different types of music:

  • Alive and Dancing - Mystique MuzikHappy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Excited
  • Motivated
  • Chilled
  • Optimistic
  • Tense
  • Stressed
  • Even bored

There are many more emotions music can have an affect on – either positively or negatively – and the above list only encompasses a select few.

You can use music to motivate you, such as when you are working out in the gym or going for a run. Many people love listening to music while at work as it makes them more productive. Music can help heal a broken heart as well as filling us with renewed hope.

When it’s time to party, dance music and happy music naturally makes us feel upbeat and at peace with the world. At least for a while. And we all need this escape from reality and the day to day troubles of life.

Life is about being lived to the maximum and music helps us to do this.


Music Helps With Memory Loss Or Improved Memory

Teenagers will often attest to this: That listening to their favourite music while studying helps them retain the information they are reading. For some, music can be a distraction in this situation, but for many teenagers (and adults too) it actually helps with both retention of knowledge and recall.

But what are the benefits on memory loss?

Studies have been conducted on groups of people who have suffered memory loss due to things like a stroke. Some were put into a music group while others were not. The ones that listened to their preferred selection of music on a daily basis were shown to have more memory recall at the conclusion of the research than those who were not subjected to daily doses of their fav tunes.


Music Is Just Good For Everything

No matter what your tastes in music are, music has a place everywhere in society and in just about every circumstance. Music is fuel for the soul. It can heal, it can uplift, it can fill us with renewed energy and a motivation to take on life and truly live it.

What does music do for you? How does it improve your health and life?

Ponder these questions for a while. The answers may surprise you.

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