Uprising Title: Uprising

Artist: Mystique Muzik

Genre: Ambient, Alternative, Experimental Rock

Preview Track On: Songtradr

Tempo: 70 BPM

Key: F#



Description and Suited To

Uprising is an instrumental production track that is somewhat of a paradox in styles. The first half of the track is atmospheric and chilled, but builds as more and more layers of instruments are added.

The second half of the track, while adhering to the same melody line, is heavy rock, with raucous rhythm and squealing lead guitar, backed by a heavy drum pattern.

It's an ambient track with a surprise ending that really ramps up the song and drives home the track's title.

When it comes to licensing possibilities and projects, there could be a number of interesting uses for an eclectic track like Uprising. It could certainly be used as part of a movie score, where a serene scene suddenly turns dramatic and dangerous as the heavy metal guitar kicks in midway through the song. The first half of the track, the mellow part, could work well as a backing track for a TV ad or an online video.

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Choir, organ, piano, pad, muted guitar, electric guitar, lead guitar, sfx, drums, bass, synths, bass synth



Edgy, hopeful, inspirational, intense, optimistic, passionate, serene, uplifting


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