Sync licensing music doesn’t have to be a complicated, time-consuming and arduous task, full of legal jargon and searching through mountains of irrelevant music tracks to find just what you want.

For far too long this is how it has been when people have wanted to search for or obtain a sync license to be able to legally feature a particular piece of premade music in a project, such as:

  • Never Say Never - Mystique MuzikMovies
  • Video games
  • Film or game trailers
  • Personal videos
  • Wedding videos
  • TV shows
  • Corporate videos or presentations
  • Advertising – online and offline
  • Personal websites
  • Documentaries
  • Apps


What Is Sync Licensing Exactly?

Just a very quick explanation for anyone uninitiated in the world of sync licensing music.

To legally be able to feature music in a project of any kind (like those mentioned above), a sync license is required. When a song is purchased on a CD or via sites like iTunes, the purchaser is only buying the right to use the music to listen to for their own personal pleasure. To use music in personal and professional projects without getting sued, an appropriate license granting the right to use the music for the intended purpose must be purchased.


The Internet Has Opened the Doors Very Wide

Sync licensing since the advent of the internet is so much easier and more streamlined than it was in days gone by. These days there are many websites that are dedicated to music licensing, handling all the legal aspects so the buyer doesn’t have to. On these websites you will find music from well known artists, plus stacks of original music and production music specifically composed and recorded for the purposes of sync licensing.

I create production music and EDMs specifically for sync licensing purposes myself. That’s all I currently do with my music.

There are millions of composers, producers and artists worldwide doing just as I am. Some licensing sites are a free for all, meaning anyone and everyone can upload music and no one curates it. Some sites allow any artist to join, but the submitted tracks must go through an approval process before being made available for sale on the site. Then there are other licensing sites that have to approve artists before they will even let them make a full submission.


Introducing Songtradr

The whole thrust of this post was to let you know about what I think is the easiest way to license music online, and that is through music licensing major player – Songtradr.

What I really like about the Songtradr platform is just how easy it is to do everything on there. I sell music on quite a few different sites and I obviously browse them regularly, so I know what they are like even from a buyer’s perspective. Songtradr is the easiest site to both look at and navigate that I’m aware of.

Another great thing is that every song and music track available on the Songtradr site is pre-cleared with all rights holders before it is made available, meaning there is no delay in the purchase process. You find a track you like, select the appropriate license, and bang, press the buy button and it’s yours to use in your specified project. No mucking about.

The search functionality on Songtradr is also really easy to use and, because Songtradr gets artists to input so many tags relevant to their songs during the upload process, the results you get in your searches for a particular kind of music with a certain mood are extremely accurate.

In my opinion it’s one of the best places to sync license music there is. It’s definitely worth checking out their website and you can do so by simply clicking on their logo below.