Songtradr is one of the best music licensing companies and in this post I’ll briefly explain some reasons why I believe this to be true.

Now, while there are many quality and reputable music and sync licensing companies and websites out there – some of which have been operating successfully for many years – Songtradr has vastly simplified the entire licensing process, making it so easy for filmmakers, gaming companies and everybody to find appropriate music for their projects and purchase a license.

Thousands of people who work in the following fields or create projects such as these are already using the Songtradr platform for all their music licensing needs.

  • Set Me FreeVideo games and trailers
  • Movies and trailers
  • Advertising agencies
  • Corporations
  • App makers
  • TV networks
  • Television producers
  • Video creators
  • All forms of advertising

Now let’s look at some key points that helps put Songtradr ahead of the competition.


Superior Search Functionality

Professionals working on the projects above are generally very busy and, even though it’s important that they source the best music for their projects, they don’t want to spend days and days filtering through endless music tracks in a bid to find what they want.

Songtradr’s very accurate search portal really simplifies the hunt and speeds up the process exponentially. The reason for this is the accuracy of the search results. Based on what the user inputs, including things like certain moods, the Songtradr search will deliver very accurate results that should closely match what the user searched for. This saves loads of time and alleviates the headaches often associated with searching for music.



Awesome Music Selection

Whatever your music needs are, Songtradr will have something that suits. Whether you need tracks with or without vocals, there are plenty of each. Every category and sub-category of music is available, varying in length from around 30 seconds right up to 10 minutes and beyond.

The point is, there is just so much diversity available for licensing that it would be virtually impossible for you not to find what you need on Songtradr. Absolutely everything is covered.


The Licensing Process

Speed and simplicity is best when it comes to legal procedures such as music licensing and sync licensing. Songtradr have designed their site and their process to make all this as easy as possible. And it is super easy. Basically search out a track you want, select the desired license for your project from a drop down list, check the price suits your budget (prices can vary from artist to artist), then click on the “License Now” button and you’re away.

All songs on Songtradr have been cleared with all rights holders before going live on the site, so there is no waiting around to get anyone’s approval when you find some tracks you wish to license. Everything is all ready to go, further saving you time and headaches.


Try Songtradr for Your Music Licensing Needs

In this post I’ve just briefly touched on what Songtradr can do for you to make licensing music super easy. The next step is to go on over to their website and check it out for yourself.