midnight - mystique music


midnight - mystique musicTitle: Midnight

Artist: Mystique Muzik

Genre: EDM – Dance/Trance

Preview Track On: Songtradr

Tempo: 140 BPM

Key: A


Description and Suited To

Midnight is a high energy dance track that builds and builds. With its hypnotic melodies, fast beats and upbeat tempo, Midnight is sure to be a huge hit at any dance party, night club, bar, or anywhere the party vibe is happening.

Not only is this track great for fun times and getting the party started, it would make for a really suitable inclusion in action movies, sexy and romantic movies, or suit scenes that are either action orientated or where there is a party going on. It would even work well in a drama scene, despite its upbeat qualities.

Midnight would also be suited to any type of exercise environment; from gyms, to personal trainers, to Zumba classes.

This instrumental track is sexy, has class and style and is very modern and cool in its musical texture. It’s more dance than trance, but definitely has trance elements. Even wedding videos and motivational videos and presentations would work well with this quality piece of electronic dance music. This is one of my favourite tracks created for sync licensing.



Arps, synths, bass, drums, SFX, strings



Happy, fun, energetic, motivating, sexy, powerful, passionate, uplifting


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