thy-will-be-doneIf you need cinematic production music, then consider music licensing website – Songtradr – for your cinematic music downloads. Songtradr are a new sync licensing company, coming onto the scene with their official launch in March of 2016. Already they have some fantastic artists and composers in their catalogue and it’s expanding by the day.

Many musicians these days focus their attention on creating music specifically for the sync licensing market, and cinematic production music makes up a large portion of that music.

When it comes to music for film and cinema – whether a Hollywood production or a short independent film – virtually any style of music can be used throughout the film, and for the opening and closing credits. So long as it suits the theme, the scenes, the mood and the tone of the movie it will work.

Often when I think of cinematic music I imagine that dramatic theatrical style of music that builds and builds to a crescendo, usually comprised of synths and strings, pianos and heavy drums for emphasis. While this style is cinematic in its truest form, any music can realistically be considered cinematic if it can find a place within a movie.

I love composing and producing music, and cinematic production music is one of my favourites to create. It can be challenging, but also extremely rewarding; especially when you hear your work played as a part of the soundtrack for the film or in the movie trailer.


Cinematic music works just as well in many video games as well. In many ways video games are like a movie, with the player being in control of what happens to the lead character and how the plot plays out.

Not every movie is going to require that classic dramatic cinematic style, but it certainly is a powerful medium and sounds fantastic when done right and married to that epic style of movie making.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, music licensing website, Songtradr, has some great artists and some fantastic cinematic music of all genres. Songtradr’s search functionality is top notch, producing very accurate results, which saves you a lot of time when searching for the music you want.

If you are a filmmaker of any capacity, even if you are an amateur, then I really suggest you try out the Songtradr platform to find some awesome music.

I’m always creating new cinematic tracks, and while my own catalogue of music on Songtradr is not that vast, it’s growing all the time as I create and add new music. Not all of my tracks are classic cinematic in nature. I also create EDMs as well, which is another of my favourite music styles to compose and produce.

If you would like to check out my tracks on Songtradr, or to listen to some other great artists on the platform, simply click on the Songtradr logo below.