In this post we will look at ways to get more plays, SoundCloud tips to increase the popularity of your tracks and you as an artist.


Create Great Music

It goes without saying that if you want to increase your popularity on SoundCloud, then creating great music that many people will like is step number one. Music is highly subjective in nature, and what one person likes another may hate, but what you can control is the quality of music you create. While you can’t please everyone, if you make top class music in your chosen genre and combine that with quality production of a high standard, then you will find your audience and they will keep coming back for more. This will also lead to people sharing your tracks, encouraging more people to discover your genius on SC.


Be Active on the Platform

The more active you are on SoundCloud the more interaction you will receive in return. Just like with social media such as Facebook, the more tracks you post, follow people, listen to the music of others and leave comments and likes, the more you will get back.

Don’t just interact for the sake of getting plays and likes, though. Be genuine about your comments and don’t go just liking every single track you see just so people might return the favour. Remain credible both as an artist and as a music lover in general. And just because you don’t like a particular style of music, don’t go around leaving negative comments on people’s hard work because it doesn’t fit in with your musical tastes.


Utilise Your Social Media Accounts

SoundCloud is akin to being a social platform for music, but that doesn’t mean interaction is limited to SC. If you have active social media accounts, then share your SoundCloud profile, track list or playlists on social media. Let the world know about your music. Tweet about your songs, create a Facebook fan page, build a music website for your material, or even create videos for YouTube for your tracks.

The more you can spread the word socially, the more people who will organically find, like and play your tracks on SoundCloud. The internet is all about networking in a multitude of locations. It can be time consuming, but after a while it can have a snow ball effect and people will start interacting more and more without you having to put so much time and effort into it.


Get Friends and Family to Interact

Friends, family and acquaintances are a great place to start to get some traction. They can at least play and like a few tracks to get the ball rolling, as well as share your tunes, website and SoundCloud play list on their social media accounts from time to time. Every little bit helps to spread the word. Ideally the people you personally know would be happy to help out. It’s not always the case, but generally this method at least gets you a start.



Buying SoundCloud Plays

This is not something I would recommend, but there are people offering this service if you ever decide your account needs an artificial boost. The price varies from vendor to vendor and depends on how many plays and likes you want. It doesn’t usually cost very much.

I don’t really agree with this as I think it’s a bit pointless in a number of ways, but it is an option to make your music “appear” more popular.


Customise Your SoundCloud Profile

Fill out some information about yourself. Provide links to your website (if you have one) and social media accounts. Add an appropriate cover image for the header of your profile page and get some sort of original logo developed, or at least an original image.

In short, complete your profile and make it look as enticing and professional as possible.


The Wrap

It’s really all about being active as well as being genuine. Show yourself to be a real person behind the music, and not just a faceless anonymous person who posts links to their music everywhere. Build fans the natural way and also offer positive feedback for other artists. This could even lead to collaborations, which will further extend you reach and fan base.

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