Not all apps will have music playing on them, as not all apps will suit this feature, but if you are designing an app where some cool music would actually make the app more fun and engaging (and music has a habit of being able to achieve this), then you will need to be able to source some music that is appropriate for your app and sets the correct mood for the style and theme of your app.

So where do you find music for apps?

There are essentially 3 options open to you:

  1. Create your own app music
  2. Commission a composer to create it for you
  3. Sync license existing music for your app

In order to legally be able to use music in an app you will either need to be the rights holder, or pay for the right to feature music from an artist; whether they are famous or not. Existing music isn’t freely available to use in public or commercial projects, so you can’t just purchase a song from iTunes and use it in your app. You don’t have the right to do that. You are only purchasing the right to use the downloaded track for your personal listening pleasure.


Creating Your Own App Music

If you have the tools and the skills, then this is likely your very best option. If you can compose and record your own music – either with physical instruments or electronically – then you can create music exactly how you want it to be. You also enjoy the added satisfaction of hearing your own music in your app.

As not every app designer and maker will be a music producer, the next option might be a more viable one.


Commission a Composer

Hiring a composer has it’s definite advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side you can stipulate exactly what kind of music you are wanting, including the tone, tempo and mood of the piece. Whether your composer can reproduce what’s in your mind or not is another story. Also, commissioning music from a professional producer is likely to cost you some bucks, so perhaps option number three is the best one of all.


License the Music You Need

Licensing music is often the easiest solution when you need music for a project such as an app. You have the luxury of literally being able to choose from millions of readily available music tracks, with or without vocals. Every category and genre of music imaginable is available for music licensing, so you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are after.

With so many music licensing sites available on the web, finding music and getting a license to use it for you app is super easy. Sites like Songtradr have really simplified the music licensing process and they are the music licensing company I recommend you try for your app music. They have some fantastic artists and I also license my music on their platform.

To check out what’s on offer over at Songtradr, just click on their logo below to be taken to their website. It’s free to look and listen, so go on over and see what’s available.