Ecstasy Cover Art WEB


Ecstasy Cover Art WEBTitle: Ecstasy

Artist: Mystique Muzik

Genre: EDM – Dance/House/Trance

Preview Track On: Songtradr

Tempo: 138 BPM

Key: B



Description and Suited To

ECSTASY is a trance, dance track with a real party vibe. It’s definitely a club track filled with funky synths and bass and backed up by a hard, driving beat. There is also sufficient ambience created by pads and SFX to really give it that hypnotic, trance-like feel.

The track is instrumental and runs for just over three minutes, so it’s a quick, fun dance track that’s sure to get the party up and running. Some moods that would describe this one are energetic, fun, happy, motivating and uplifting. It’s an all-round feel good tune.

When it comes to sync (synch) licensing of Ecstasy, any movie scene or video presentation that requires a fun, party vibe and atmosphere would benefit from having Ecstasy as part of the score or backdrop. It could even be blended with certain action sequences of a less macabre and dramatic nature. Promotional videos and workout videos would go well with this one too.

I believe EDM is often under-rated and under-used when it comes to any sort of sync licensing, as this high energy music suits so many different applications. Anyway, it’s definitely worth a listen for your projects.



Drums, bass, synth bass, synths, SFX, arps, hi hats, cymbals, explosions, plucks, pads



Fun, uplifting, sexy, sensual, hypnotic, energetic, motivational, lively, cheerful, funky


License This Track On: Songtradr