For anyone who wants or needs to sync license music for their projects, they want the process to be quick, easy and seamless. No one wants to spend days and days searching for just the right piece of music, having to sift through countless results in searches that are nothing like what they are after. Likewise, nobody wants to deal with all the legal jargon, contracts and everything else that accompanies licensing music.

It’s time to experience easy song licensing with Songtradr, a fairly new and innovative music licensing website and company.


Why Choose Songtradr Over the Competition?

This company’s goal when they first conceived the idea for Songtradr was to simplify the licensing process for buyers and also to make uploading media easy for artists, composers and producers. Music licensing has often entailed several legal steps, as well as waiting for a piece of music to be cleared for licensing for a particular project by all the rights holders; those who share in the copyright ownership of the track.

Songtradr have created a licensing model where the songs on the platform will only be live and ready for licensing AFTER all have been cleared with each and every rights holder. This means that when you find a song you like, it is ready to be licensed then and there. It is simply a matter of the buyer making the purchase, downloading the track and the license and then using the track in their project.

Another thing I really like about Songtradr’s website is it’s very easy to look at and find your way around. It’s not cluttered in the slightest, isn’t packed with distracting bells and whistles and advertising. It’s clean, it’s clear and it’s so easy to use.


The Ultimate Sync Licensing Platform

Songtradr have designed a sophisticated licensing platform for both artists and buyers. They make it easy for artists to list their music catalogue, and even easier for buyers to actually find the kind of music they are searching for in very quick time. The search function is pretty accurate, and that’s what buyers both want and need.

  • The Gift - Mystique MuzikFilmmakers
  • Documentary makers
  • Advertising agencies
  • TV networks
  • Video game creators
  • Film trailers
  • Game trailers
  • Corporate videos
  • App makers
  • Wedding videos
  • Personal videos

The list above features some of the more common mediums where people might like to sync license music for their projects.


Songtradr’s Competitive Pricing

On Songtradr the prices vary depending on what type of license you wish to purchase. Artists are also in control of their own pricing, using a sliding scale that Songtradr provides, basing their pricing on their level of musical experience in many cases. In a few instances sellers set a copyright buyout price, or have no pricing at all and leave it up to negotiation.

A sync license for a movie or feature film could cost anywhere from $500 upwards, whereas for a personal video it may only be about $25. The screenshot below illustrates an example of Songtradr pricing.



Check Out the Music On Songtradr

There are certainly loads of great artists and tracks available for sync licensing on Songtradr, so head on over to their official website and have a browse. Just click on the logo below. It’s well worth your time.