Video presentations and corporate presentations can really be brought to life with just the right music to set the tone and the mood of the video. A great video of any kind engages the viewer’s emotions. If you don’t manage to achieve this you will lose your audience, and the best way to engage emotion isn’t through your video’s message alone, but through the music and sound effects that accompanies your message.

How do you go about selecting the best background music for video presentations?


What is the Category of Your Video?

Presentation videos are obviously trying to either educate or convey a message, and they could fall into some of the following categories:

  • Inspirational
  • Educational
  • Advertorial
  • Instructional
  • Informational

These are five of the more common categories for a presentation videos and, depending on the actual content, product or theme of the presentation, you will be able to determine what type of music would suit it best. Obviously there will be a voice over through much of the video, so the music will either be in the background or be used to highlight certain points or fill in the gaps.

The music you choose must fit the theme and type of video you are making, otherwise it’s just not going to work. It won’t be believable and could end up sounding ridiculous or embarrassing. And don’t think this doesn’t happen. Mismatched music happens all the time in the video world and it really detracts from the overall finished product rather than enhancing and reinforcing it like music should do.


What is the Mood of Your Video?

As already mentioned, the music really needs to capture the emotion of the video and its message. It will serve to really drive home your agenda, engraining the message into the minds of the viewers. You want your video to be effective, memorable and, ultimately, shareable. A viral video is an awesome video and that should be the ultimate goal if the aim is to reach a large and vast audience.

An inspirational style video will require more dramatic and cinematic music; music that is both motivational and inspiring. Likely the music will be quite loud at points throughout the presentation to guarantee the message really hits home hard.

Lighter videos that might be promoting a product will likely have happy, upbeat background music that tends to remain the background for the most part. The music should engage positive emotions, making the viewer feel that life will be happier and easier if they purchase the product.

Instructional and informational videos will have music that generally doesn’t reach any great heights and serves to make the overall presentation a little more interesting than anything else. However, they will generally have a louder and stronger lead in and lead out of the video, meaning in the beginning and the ending the music should engage the viewer’s attention while the remainder of the video basically has music playing in the backdrop at a low volume.


Where To Find the Right Music

You could either have the music composed and recorded especially for the video, or better yet, take advantage of music sync licensing where you can select from a ready made pool of music. There is something to suit every kind of video, mood, theme and emotion. Content can be long or short, with vocals or without.

Sync licensing music for video really is the quickest, no-brainer option there is, and for the sake of corporate video it is very affordable.

I recommend checking out Songtradr, a music licensing website that has possibly the most accurate search functionality of all the music licensing websites. After all, you don’t want to spend days and days searching for the music you want. You want to be able to input some data and receive accurate results instantly.

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